Topic: MIDI input control for Mac Logic X (MIDI remote, ARC USB etc)

The problem: Logic automatically reads data from all MIDI input ports, and also reacts on that data. Naturally this can cause unwanted behavior if remote controls and other stuff, not intended for Logic, are used with the computer Logic is running on. This might be TotalMix FX as well as the ARC USB or any other MIDI sending device.

For whatever reason Logic does not include a simple selection dialog, which of the system's MIDI inputs should be active for Logic. Instead ports have to be manually 'excluded' from Logic, which is anything but a simple procedure. There exist several discussions in the web, here is one that we found useful:

http://www.logic-users-group.com/forums … -pro.9436/

We followed the steps described like this:

- In the Preferences of Logic X under Advanced Tools set the checkmark for MIDI

- Thereafter one can choose 'Click & Ports'  from 'Window, Open MIDI Environment'

- Under 'New' create a 'Monitor'

- Drag that one down and connect it  with the port that should be excluded for Logic (the port where remote info etc is coming in). See screenshot (magnifier/glasses needed to perform the connection).


Matthias Carstens

Re: MIDI input control for Mac Logic X (MIDI remote, ARC USB etc)



Do you have/know a solution for Digital Performer?


Re: MIDI input control for Mac Logic X (MIDI remote, ARC USB etc)

Same question. Any solution for Digital Performer. I've been searching Motu documents to no avail.

Re: MIDI input control for Mac Logic X (MIDI remote, ARC USB etc)

Not sure if you found a solution yet. But i found with the help of a FB DP group, to just not allow CC0 through.
In Setup / Input Filter... /  in Controllers, choose 'All except..." and put in CC 0. Since i never use CC0 it seems to be a solution for me at least at this point.


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Hi all we still have this issue which is unsolved - I believe it is causing a work secondary issue with logic causing our USB keyboard to drop out

I have tried the screen shot filter but can seem to get it to work. partidicualy I notice the RME ARC sends on multiple channels.

Running LPX 10.4.1 on (10.12.6 )

Video of issue no 1 here: https://vimeo.com/278950067

Note if I click by all control surfaces it stops. However weirdly if I do this in certain projects this choice is not saved as a preference. The issue before we rebuilt our computer recently (Mac Pro dustbin rebuilt because of the issue 2 below) seemed to go once you initially select bypass control surfaces and it was remembered in preferences but now it seems to keep occurring.

We use an RME ARC USB controller to control Totalmix master outs and workflow snapshots.

Issue 2: We are also suffering with usb keyboard drop outs which I suspect is related to this same issue. Our USB keyboard works fine and then quite quickly within a session it drops out of logic (but when this happens you can leave logic open and goto OSX Audio/Midi and test connection and the keyboard is still there and works with the test tone) but you need to close logic to get a reconnection. this doesn't happen in any other daw, is not the keyboard or usb or hub. very much likely related to this over all issue of two devices fighting against each other.

Since 10.4 upgrade logic picks up the midi signal from the RME. Using midi monitor the arc sends midi signals every millisecond as the volume encoder is endless so its always sending signal. The RME seems to send various midi channel signals ranging from 1-4 upward. I have seem this issue discussed with LPX the RME ARC on the RME forum with a workaround discussed but I can't solve it.

I have tried applying a monitor in the clicks and Ports but it doesn't work for me. I can see that if I play a usb keyboard that the keyboard and are are received on the same channel.

I have the possibility of changing the usb keyboard midi in channel etc if I can block something. My concern is that the RME ARC USB seems to be sending on multiple channels.

HELP this is driving me mad (yes we can stop it by bypassing control surfaces but this should not be happening.

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Update I have had a breakthrough

we have an issue of our m audio or a novation controller keyboard losing connection within logic continuously, but if you leave logic open and test if the midi keyboard is connected still via the OS X audio and midi app it is still connected - the issue occurs when using logic not Ableton. We have removed the arc usb from the system for two days and have not had a single drop out

its the RME arc causing our problem

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Thanks for posting this workaround. I don't have an ARC yet. Does it conflict if connected directly to the interface?

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No. In that case there is no MIDI communication with TM FX, but direct.

Matthias Carstens