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Topic: HDSP 9652 w/ AEB8-O Interference Noise

Hi everybody,

I have recently encountered a problem - I hear interference noise in AEB8-O outs.
I can even hear the mouse noise when moving it aswell as some other "computer" noises. There is also a high pitched sound mixed with the noises.

This is something new to me. So far I haven't got any problem!

I'm summing OTB and everything worked perfectly till this week!

I have an external unit which is connected to the RME HDSP 9652 via optical ADAT - this problem doesn't exist there!

I will be very thankful if someone can help!

PC/Win7 64-bit;
RME HDSP 9652 updated to version 108; driver version 3.38;

Thank you very much!


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Re: HDSP 9652 w/ AEB8-O Interference Noise

Start by disconnecting external components and find if the problems continue to exist when those are disconnected. If the problems go away with external components disconnected, then reconnect individual connections and/or pairs of connections until you find the source.

The problems might also be internal physical electrical problems, which could be due to loose or oxidized connections, more especially to grounds, or may be due to a leaking electrolytic capacitor. Try removing and reseating the PCI expansion boards, the connections to the daughter boards, and connections to the power supply. Take the time to look closely for any leaked electrolyte on circuit board surfaces and look for swollen and/or leaking electrolytic capacitors, and remove any accumulated dust.

If/when you find the problem, please report back with follow-up comments.

Re: HDSP 9652 w/ AEB8-O Interference Noise

Hello again,

The problem is eliminated! I changed the computer's PSU and moved the connection cables between RME AEB8-O and RME 9652.

One cable went very close to the power supply of the card!

It turned out, however, that after this intervention, the RME AEB8-I input card is not working ...

I ordered a new one and this will go for diagnostics and possible repairs!