Topic: Weird noises and sounds like explosions

Something weird is happening with the sound output of my AIO.

I use my AIO as my main soundcard, I often watch and follow youtube instruction videos while Cubase is open, so that I can follow along. For the past month or so, I've noticed that when I click on the next youtube video, there seems to be a sound that I can only describe as a fast forward screech, as if the AIO card or some buffer is dumping any remnants of audio data. I never noticed this before as it is loud enough to make me jump out of my skin everytime (I listen through my headphones).

I kind of dismissed it, I guess I got used to it but today was the worst ever. I loaded up VEPro, then connected Cubase and it sounded like explosions, like it was playing back samples of explosions. The first time it happened, I had my headphones on as usual and it hurt my ears. So I removed my headphones and tried it again. I am so glad I removed my headphones. Thing is, once everything is loaded, it seems to work fine apart from the occasional pop or click when playing instruments.

I've update the firmware on the card recently and I've updated Windows 10 too. Are there any utilities or diagnostic tools that can check to see if the card is okay or maybe the interaction between drivers and firmware is working properly.


Re: Weird noises and sounds like explosions

At the risk of anyone replying, I've a little more information in case there isn't enough to make a suggestion of what to do.

On occasion, there is a distorted output from a video playback. I noticed that if I restart the video, the sound becomes clear as it should be. While it is distorted, I notice there are actually two channels of playback, one slightly delayed from the other but both in stereo.

The fast forward screech I hear usually happens when I start a new videos but I have also noticed a louder screech when I open Cubase while watching a video. I guess it seems like Cubase is grabbing hold of the ASIO driver for the first time and battles with the WDM driver for control. Once it has control, I don't hear that loud screech again but still hear the softer one at the beginning of youTube videos.

I understand that this may be a technical issue so not everyone will know how to deal with it but I'm a little disappointed that RME support has not replied to this, even to give me some pointers on how to address the problem. I don't know if it's a fault or if it's the way I have set it up. They didn't even reply to my previous post either, which was a question on setting the card. I would really appreciate some advice.