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I'm new here, and soon to be an owner of a hdspe AIO - since I'm upgrading parts in my computer with only pcie lanes. (I know there are adapters, but I currently sit on a m-audio card.. So want an upgrade there as well!)

I have a question regarding connecting the AIOs RCA Digital out to the coax digital IN on the ADI-2 DAC. Is there a cable for that if it's doable? Would like to use the ADAT I/O with my external pre-amp/ADDA for outboard gear. - that's the digital breakout cable I'm referring to.

If this isn't the right forum for these kinds of questions, just let me know!

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Re: Digital out from hdspe AIO to adi-2 DAC

In principle, any regular RCA cable will do - even half of a normal stereo cable...

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Re: Digital out from hdspe AIO to adi-2 DAC

Thanks for the quick reply!

By half of a normal stereo cable, do you mean I can use a normal stereo rca and connect, say, only red to red (AIO -> DAC)?
Can all rca cables transfer digital data equally well? And is the data being sent identical on the two outputs from the AIO? Or do I need something that goes RCA Stereo -> Single RCA (coax).

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Re: Digital out from hdspe AIO to adi-2 DAC

Digital is send from one spdif output, not the stereo RCA. It is the same connector type though but the are labeled. (Audio in out L R and spdif IN  and out. And I can tell from experience that any rca cable will do. Even 5m cheap audio ones. You can of course also buy a spdif cable in any budget, but here at RME they are not into cable voodoo (audiophiles sometimes are).

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Re: Digital out from hdspe AIO to adi-2 DAC

Ah, now it makes perfect sense! The digital breakout cable is marked with Red and White, but that is not one stereo output, but a digital I/O I take it? It was the colouring that confused me.
And no, from what I understand digital data will either be sent properly or not at all basically, so.. no in-between cable voodoo max perfomance thing going on I guess.