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In one setup, (ADI-2 PRO fs and Genelec SAM 2.1 with GLM software, cables XLR-XLR), I usually use the volume control of the GLM kit (big, heavy, nice to maneuver and movable) keeping the volume control on the ADI-2 PRO at -20.5db, just before a little mechanical “click” (probably the control of loudness ?).
I’m not sure that this setting is the best for make the most of ADI converters.
For sure in this way I lost the dynamic loudness feature.
In other studio, with RME400 and also Genelec 2.1 (but without GLM and big volume),
I must keep the main output at -25db for a normal work level.
Also here I not sure that the RME works at his best in this way.
At home I have a stereo ATTY from A-Design. Could be useful in some way ?


Re: Output level and Atty from A-Design

Else: the click is the AutoRef level, not Loudness. Please study the manual.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Output level and Atty from A-Design