Topic: Multiface II in disconnect mode

Hey there.
I updated my studio Mac with PCIe Card (running Multiface II) to a more compact Laptop. so I bought The Babyface Pro.
Now my question:

Is it somehow possible to use the Multiface II in disconnect mode via adat to the Babyface just as converter to expand my Babyface`s In- and Outputs?

Thanks in advance

Re: Multiface II in disconnect mode

Yes, but this will require the original HDSP interface card (PCI or whatever) to configure the unit plus uninterrupted power supply. Disconnect mode is not standalone mode.

Daniel Fuchs

Re: Multiface II in disconnect mode

thanks for the fast response.
I still have the old computer with the pcie card. so i can setup the Multiface from there.
do i need a worldclock signal to sync Multiface II and Babyface? Or is the ADAT connection (Multiface-Out to Babyface In for Inputs and Babyface-Out to Multiface-In for Outputs) enough?

After being connected will the additional In- and Outputs be available to select in my DAW or do i have to go via Totalmix?

Sorry for asking so many questions. I^m not an english native speaker, so its difficult for me to make it understandable.

many thanks


Re: Multiface II in disconnect mode

Sync is via ADAT, channels are the existing ADAT I/Os.

Matthias Carstens