Topic: Liveprofessor, QLab and the HDSPe Madiface with macOS

the following constellation generates an error message every few minutes (between 10-30 min) on the connected Lawo mixer:

- iMac 13,2 i7, 8GB, 1TB HDD
- macOS Mojave 10.14.3
- Madiface HDSPe via Thunderbolt 2 and Sonnet Express connected via optical MADI to a Lawo Router, newest driver installed
- Liveprofessor 2.3.3 (newest version) (256 samples buffer size), some Waves plugins, four channels in/out
- QLab 4.4.1 in show mode (same buffer size), four channels playback out
- connected Behringer X-Touch Midi-Remote for plugin remote

Spotlight, Time-Machine, etc. is switched off. QLab is in show mode and in the Liveprofessor use more threads is enabled.

The error message tells me that the received signal from the MADIface is out of MADI specification (parity error, MADI/transport layer violation).

I think, after several trial an error, that the problem only occurs when both software has access to core audio and/or the MADIface.

Does anyone have an idea why the phenomenon occurs when both programs are started?



Re: Liveprofessor, QLab and the HDSPe Madiface with macOS

There might have been a sample rate change that causes the error message on the Lawo. Also check the card's Settings dialog if  the output format is still 56 or 64 channels.

Matthias Carstens