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Topic: UCX Midi input

The UCX has that port with a breakout cable that gives you 2 midi inputs and 2 outputs.

Input and output for channel 1 isn't working.

I bought a new breakout cable but that didn't fix it.

I think my UCX might be 6 years old or so. Time flies. All that plugging and unplugging has taken its toll.

So, I notice that nice remote input right next to the midi input. Looks just the same. :-)

Can I flip them? some magical way? I can solder but the pictures I've googled of the open UCX makes it look beyond my skill level.

Maybe it's time for an upgrade, but I sure do love my UCX. I've ordered a USB to midi cable to make up for the lost pair.

Anyway, I don't expect anyone can really help me get it working again, but I felt a post couldn't hurt.

I want to be sure to say thank you for my wonderful interface. I do love it very much.

Re: UCX Midi input

Is there any sense to trying to get my ucx repaired? I live in the USA.

I'm not sure if it is an option.


Re: UCX Midi input

Sure it can be repaired. Contact Synthax US, they might also be able to estimate the repair cost before performing it.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: UCX Midi input

Thanks Matthias. While it is loose, it turns out not to be broken.

For years i have used it with cakewalk. They made a software change that caused it not to work.

Trying to fix it,
I rolled back rme drivers
I bought a Roland um one
I bought a new rme breakout cable

Now i know it is the current version of cakewalk that caused the issue. It works fine with mixbus 32c.

It even works with an old version of cakewalk i still have installed.

I almost bought a new ufx I missed it so badly!

Today is a happy day. Thanks!!