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Topic: Babyface (not Pro) does not work

Hello there,

So, everything was working just fine until today.

I did un upgrade on the PC (new ssd m.2,  more RAM and switched from Windows 7 64 Bit to Windows 10 64 Bits Pro).

Yesterday  I connected everything, installed the up-to-date drivers and it was working as usual.
This morning when I turned on my PC, nothing...no led turned on whatsoever on Babyface. And Babyface didn't appear on "connected hardware /soundcard" and on "connected USB hardware"on Windows. Nothing.

Tried changing the usb cable.
Tried using the Babyface USB cable on a external harddrive and it worked, so the problem isn't the cable.
Tried connecting the Babyface to 2 other computers and nothing.
Tried using the second cable and nothing.

No info and no power.

What can it be?

Thanks in advance


Re: Babyface (not Pro) does not work

No info and no power? Does the BF Pro not even light up when connected? Then it is obviously defective.

Matthias Carstens