Topic: AIO phones - its not even funny anymore

Since two weeks the "Alien Noise Screaming" at the headphones is back!
Yes, I know: use tape to isolate the Card, no C-States etc. Did it, nothing works.

I am very unhappy, because i spend more than 800 EUR for the Card + Extension inputs and can't use the Monitoring. I tried different power supplies, different PCIe Slots - even a different machine. Its getting even worse if I am opening TotalMix or any DAW/ASIO software. Watching YT is not nice, but less noisy…
Since I got the impression that I am not the only one with this issue: RME, what the hack is this?

If there is a design issue with the headphone amp, like two missing caps, please let us at least know! Than I don't have to invest my spare time trying to debug my System. I had other plans for my Saturday than sitting under my table, trying stuff at my computer and writing messages no one probably cares about…
I really like the product and I am sure it is one of the fastest and most reliable Cards on the market. But this issue drives me crazy! I am even happy to buy a SPDIF headphone preamp, if there is no solution.

But like I wrote before: At this price point I expect stuff to work. If the HP out is just a Gimmick and not really designed to work seriously,  please add to the description something like “by the way, you will need an additional ADI-2 or the 4CH-Output extension to do anything else than Japanese Noise-Core Metal.”

Please let me know my options:

  • A)    Noise Core

  • B)    There is a solution

  • C)    Buy additional stuff if you want it work

Thanks in advance, (still) a customer