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Topic: ADI-2 questions.

Hello. I have been using my Lavry DA10 dac for home pleasure listening for a while. I have no issue with the sound, but as it lacks a remote, and also lacks a usb input, I have considered replacing it with a Lavry DA11 which has both these features.
Then I learned of the existence of the RME ADC-2, which seems very well suited to my application. So I have the following questions:

1. Will it drive a power amp directly, with no preamp? The system I'm considering would be RME ADC-2 --- Bryston 4B cubed ---- Focal passive speakers. I think the Lavry will do this.

2. Volume control. The lavry has a "digitally controlled analog volume control".
It has worked well for years and I have gotten used to it, so I wonder how the RME compares with it's volume knob. RME claims: "With the DAC RME engineers took the opportunity to slightly enhance the DAC's analog output stage to be even more perfect as it already was. More relays, a different double symmetrical attenuator circuit and one additional buffer OP amp succeed in less noise and less THD."
I'm not clear on what it actually is - is it a digital circuit which happens to have a knob controlling analog volume (like Lavry but with a knob), or is it an analog volume pot of some sort?

3. Digital parametric eq. This is very interesting to me, because while I usually avoid eq in the path for home audio, it would be a great tool for me as I transcribe a lot of parts and the option to boost the right freqs to bring out the part I really need to hear would be great. So is it correct to assume that the digital processing can be switched out and not in any way detract from the fidelity in any way for typical listening?

I have other RME gear that I have been satisfied with, and this has the digital eq,  so if there are no caveats that I'm not aware of it seems like the right piece. Any info appreciated.

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Re: ADI-2 questions.


Clear a Small Space, because you WANT the ADI-2 in your Set Up.  smile

YES:  The ADI-2 can drive your Amps directly.  No need for an external Pre-Amp.

Volume Control:  32bit Digital.  The implementation is rather unique. and it would be better to let MC (RME) answer your questions directly, and in far greater detail.  It works a treat mind you!

Digital EQ.  Yes it can be enabled or disabled.
The EQ is performed in the Digital Domain, and is vastly better than the Toyish, Hi-Fi equalizers of the past.  Think: PRO STUDIO, vs Dept. Store HiFi.  No noise, veiling, (insert favorite Audio buzzword here,) etc.   

This is your New Dac!!



Re: ADI-2 questions.

Volume control is hybrid if you set it to AutoRef. Digital as explained plus 4 level ranges which let the DAC maintain the best signal to noise ratio.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: ADI-2 questions.


Surprised you haven't checked in here again.

As a Transcriptionist, You would be pleased with the ADI-2's ability to delineate the Details in a Recording.   As a Wholly "Amateur" Bassist. I am too!

The ADI-2, with all of it's Capabilities embarrasses it's competition.   It's a Fine Unit that belongs in your Gear Rack!

Re: ADI-2 questions.

Thanks for the helpful replies. Does anyone know the general topology of the preamp?

Re: ADI-2 questions.

Is the preamp class D (if there is such a thing as a class D pre), or something else?

Re: ADI-2 questions.

Class D is for power Amps to minimize heat. A line level pre amp generates no heat... But since you know the noise and distortion levels of the inputs ánd outputs of the ADI you know it has a very fine (understatement) input and output stage.

Vincent, Amsterdam
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Re: ADI-2 questions.

vinark wrote:

Class D is for power Amps to minimize heat. A line level pre amp generates no heat... But since you know the noise and distortion levels of the inputs ánd outputs of the ADI you know it has a very fine (understatement) input and output stage.

And sometimes to minimize size and weight. So is it safe to assume that it is not class D?

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Re: ADI-2 questions.

As there is Absolutely No Need for Class D at the Line Level Stage.  It's a Safe Assumption.

Move On Wengr.  The ADI-2 touts Real World Performance, rather than "Mystcal: Nobody else knows this" Topologies.  Look at the verifiable RME numbers, and compare those to the Garage Project offerings on the Market. A waste of Time, as there is No Comparison.

Just Sayin! smile