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Topic: DSD over toslink

I cannot get DSD to work over toslink, I play from Roon and have set DSD to DoP but no sound and Roon stops playing.

I play from computer with an Realtek ALC1150 audio board, which (for some reason) don't support 176 khz, could that be the reason? And if so, anyone know a way to fix it? Maybe a new (cheap) PCI sound card with better toslink output

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Re: DSD over toslink

I found out why DoP does not work, 176 khz sample rate has to be supported which it's not on my motherboard spdif optical out (Realtek ALC1150).

Anyone know of a cheap PCI card or other solution for a regular PC with a good toslink out with all sample rates supported from 44.1 to 192? For example, RMEs own Hammerfall HDSP 9632 would probably work excellent but its a little overkill and expensive for this purpose.

Re: DSD over toslink

In case anyone else wonders about this: DSD over DoP requires 176khz sample rate, and many motherboards don't support that. So I bought a cheap toslink soundcard and that fixed it (the sound card supports both WASAPI and ASIO).

The soundcard is far from pro quality I am sure, but for this scenario it worked very well:
https://www.delock.de/produkte/G_89640/ … anguage=en