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Topic: Muting a Hardware Input


is there any possibility or workaround for muting Hardware Inputs in Total Mix FX via OSC, so that the Audio does not reach the DAW?

We are using a Fireface 800 at the moment. The only workaround I could think of is using the Loopback function and then turning down the fader of that Hardware Output or changing a snapshot. Unfortunately Loopback is not really an option, as it would waste too many channels and introduces latency.

Is there any other option using the Fireface 800?

If not: when using an interface with digitally controllable Preamps like the FF400, UC or UFX, is the 'preamp gain' setting controllable via OSC? I guess if the Mic Gain is turned down to 0dB this could work just like mute if combined with a Gate in the DAW.