Topic: Changing Hardware Inputs to MONO

By default when I change a stereo Input to mono it splits the faders then pans one hard left and the other hard right.Should I keep them this way or pan the new mono channels to center? Would I only be sending half of the data to my DAW if centered?

If it helps I am connected to a UFX+ recording into Samplitude Pro.

Re: Changing Hardware Inputs to MONO

No totalmix is unconnected to recording. You can even leave it stereo and record only one input side. Or record a stereo input from input 1 and 6 if you set that up in your DAW. Totalmix is the mixer for the outputs, not for recording. But when listening to a mono input it might be handy to pan it centre.

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Re: Changing Hardware Inputs to MONO

When changing a stereo channel into 2x mono in TM FX you need to keep the two channels panned 100% L and R, otherwise you would create two times mono.

Any signal connected to a HW input will be passed to the application / DAW unaltered.

Usually the panning in the DAW will position the single tracks in the mix.

But you can also use panning in TM FX to create near zero latency submixes for recording, which can have a panning of their own.

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