Topic: ADI-2 DAC possible problem with IEM jack

OK, this is probably paranoia on my part but here we go.

Today was the first time I've used the IEM (3.5mm) jack on the unit. When removing the headphones the unit did not return to "line out" and remained on "IEM" despite nothing being plugged in to either of the headphone jacks.

Reinserting the headphones and removing them again resolved this issue, and I haven't been able to reproduce the problem since.

In truth I was bit slow in removing the headphones when this happened and I suspect that I confused the unit.

However, I'd appreciate some feedback from you guys as to if you think this might be a problem later on.

To be honest the IEM jack is highly unlikely to be used with any regularity, if at all, so it's no real issue for me, other than I like my kit to be in full working order.

Thanks in advance.

Re: ADI-2 DAC possible problem with IEM jack

Alright Slappy,

I use IEMs along with overear headphones and monitors.

I have not experienced this problem yet.

However, I have recently disabled the automatic output toggle feature and set this to manual control on the remote control.

I got tired of having to unplug and replug when referencing through the different outputs.

Kind regards


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