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I'm having an annoying little problem with my system.

I have UFX 2 (It's amazing) on Win7 64bit

Here's the situation:
Audio playback/tracking/previewing within DAW's = flawless. (Using MADI Asio Driver)
However, when I preview sounds in the "Splice App" (Which uses the WDM driver) - there is a 3.5 second lag. Note: these are downloaded samples, not streamed online.

Splice uses the System default driver so is using the one WDM driver I have set up for system for spotify/internet etc...All other uses of WDM driver seems fine which of course points to Splice being the problem.

I've had it all working perfectly before so suspect I've changed something without realising Unfortunately this problem has started around the time I updated Flash/Driver for the UFX 2 to the latest so I would like to rule the UFX 2 out.

I have reached out to Splice to see what they have to say but I wanted to see if it's perhaps a setting that's defaulted on the RME side of things?

I searched these forums where it mentions WDM drivers work best when the ASIO buffer is set to 256 so I will try this when I'm back in the studio tomorrow - although I normally run at 512 and haven't had any problems before.

So my questions are: 

Anyone have any ideas/trouble shooting methods to narrow this down?

Also, is there an archive of RME drivers so I can roll back to check if it's that? 

Many thanks

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Re: Troubleshooting Splice Latency

What is splice ? URL pls.

If other non-ASIO applications have no lag then this is an issue of the application. You say yourself other applications have no issue.

I never had any WDM lag with different RME HW and drivers (UFX, RayDAT, UFX+) in the past 5+ years. Am playing a fast spaceship simulation game where near-realtime audio feedback is as critical as visual feedback in pvp. Same OS as you .. Win7. And using also different buffer sizes between 32/48 and 256.

Did you already open a support ticket for splice ?

But you are sure that you have no i/o problem with disk ? Or that a disk might have  read errors ? What HW? Harddisk or SSD ? Did you check the S.M.A.R.T.  values?

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