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Topic: UFX with washed out screen

Need help,,, What I have is an UFX, When I purchased it as Non-Working, the seller never mentioned the 2 small encoders being snapped off, so I made them refund the price for replacements, the original issue was 2 dead channels, and a washed-out display.
    I found 2 bad capacitor's, that fixed the channel issue, but never could get the display to work correctly.   I can see everything but have very little control over contrast.   I did replace the encoders with OEM,, same effect as the broke one, which where still functional just had to use an plastic probe/screwdriver.

     I've reseated the ribbon cable, no go, I also trimmed them back a tad, just for new contact surface, this is something that works on a lot of gear.    I've rolled back FW, but cant find any older FW to try,,, I know the display is a common issue with these units, but no one will disclose the fix.

    I also replace the PS with a new one in hopes of fixing this.   So I wish RME would jar loose with the fix for this. I seen where a FW update will cause this and or fix it,, too an FW update will turn this into an hardware issue.   So how does that take place? 

   Anyway, I've seen no real answer on here, but it would be nice if their was one.  I had purchased a new one back when they first came out, I used it for a couple years,,, updated FW, never had an issue, Loved it but I just had to sale it back then.  Anyway, Just looking for answers, before I put it back together.

Re: UFX with washed out screen

Return key broken ? Bandworm of words is not so easy to read.

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