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Topic: Virtual channels for loopback possible?

EDITED2 to make proposal more clear.

To make the good even better ... Would it be possible to create smth like virtual channels for loopback recording purposes?

Simply 2, 4, 8 or more channels inside of the recording interface without a plug to the "outside world" simply for loopback recording?!

This would be very useful because then nobody would need to "sacrifice" channels for loopback recording that could be better used otherwise .. for connections to other devices.

Surely interesting for users with interfaces that have not so many i/o ports or where all ports are already in use.

Or in special situations too have enough loopback channels to build workarounds for this, see this posting:  https://www.forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopi … 74#p139874

If somebody should not have used loopback recording yet, here an example for what I use it and later a more common example:

I am using loopback recording regulary  together with DURec, to record also my phones submix where I have my e-guitar already "pre EQ'd" with TM FX's EQ so that the e-guitar fits better into the submix and doesn't interfere so much with bass and drums on lower frequencies.
This track I can use then well ie for rehearsals of such overdub recordings or to send a quick snapshot of an idea to somebody so that it sounds a little nicer than the raw recorded tracks.

There are many other use cases for loopback recording .. the simplest to record ie stuff from Internet Browser/ Youtube, without having to use external patch cables.

I am personally not limited because with the UFX+ I have a lot of free MADI channel's free.

But I regard it as nice idea for all users because:
a) this could help others with fewer or zero unused ports
b) would make loopback recording more independed from your current and later cabling demands / routing in TM FX.

To b): If you would use now ie some channels from ADAT2 but need ADAT2 later to connect another preamp then you would need to look for other channels for loopback recording and redo the setup of loopback recording (IF you have free channels left).

With a couple of virtual loopback channels nothing would need to be changed in terms of  cabling and routing which makes everything more comfortably for users.

Many thanks.

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Re: Virtual channels for loopback possible?

Seems nobody sees a merit in it.

The advantages should be clear, you would not need to sacrifice "precious" HW ouputs for loopback recording
that you might need better for connecting devices.

Nobody ?

X10SRi-F, Win7 Prof, Cubase 9.5, UFX+, Octamic XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS BE/DAC, RayDAT, ARC USB

Re: Virtual channels for loopback possible?

I do see the merits, even when I haven't run out of channels yet big_smile

But I haven't got a clue about the amount of work involved and if it's even possible. So it would be nice to hear from RME if they think it's possible.

It's definitely a good idea!