Topic: Fireface ufx+ not turning on after computer crash.

I had this strange problem today, I paused a internet stream on my computer, when i came back the computer seemed to hang it was not responding to mouse and keyboard input so, i pulled the power from the computer and restared the computer running windows 10.

When the computer booted to windows I again had no keys and mouse again. I investigated and found that a usb hub with a wireless logitech receiver had failed, that i was using to connect my wireless mouse and keyboard.

I connected the wireless receiver to another usb slot, to find my mouse and keyboard working again.

After logging in my ufx+ was not found by the computer. I turned off my ufx+ (the screen and the led were still on.)
When I turned it on again nothing happed no response whatsoever.

UFX+ runing on thunderbolt connection.

Any advice maybe on what could be wrong?

Re: Fireface ufx+ not turning on after computer crash.

Unplug thunderbolt. Restart PC. Plug TB back in.

Your USB chain was "damaged". Plugging into another USB port might revive it, as you've already found out.

I suppose you've only got one TB port, so you can't plug into another one, hence the restart procedure.

I also wonder why you use a UFX on a TB port with a TB to USB converter. No USB3 ports left?

Re: Fireface ufx+ not turning on after computer crash.

thanks for the reply cyrano,

I was running the ufx+ direct from thunderbolt pci addon card without usb adpter.

What I ment was that the arc remote input was possible connected to the (what I thought at that time) failed usb hub.

I will try to connect the ufx by usb3 to see if that "revives" it maybe.