Topic: DAW faders affecting TOTALMIX 1.61


Setup is Nuendo DAW with MADI HDSP(e) card v 4.29:: TotalMix v 1.61

In messing around with the TOtalMix menus, i now find that the fader levels in Nuendo are being sent to TOtalmix Hardware inputs....i don't remember this as being normal. I've tried various resets in TotalMix, also the MIDI connections have all been cancelled...still happening though.

Any help greatly appreciated!

1 RME MADI HDSPe & RAYDAT/Nuen5.1/Cub6/WL 7
2 i7 940/9G/RME 9652/VSL1
3 4Cr/4G/MOTU 2408/VSL2

Re: DAW faders affecting TOTALMIX 1.61

It's a feature, not a but (ASIO Direct Monitoring). You can disable it in the Totalmix Preferences.

Daniel Fuchs