Topic: TotalMix FX 1.61 Mac w/ Babyface - Volume Control for optical out

Hi guys,

IO have a dual monitor setup. 1st pair is connect to AN ½, 2nd pair is connect via optical digital out as "Speaker B". Switching between the two monitor using the "Speaker B" button works fine.

Volume control via either the Mac keyboard or the hardware wheel on the Babyface or the volume fader in TotalMix FX works fine.

Also I can control the output volume of the optical out using the fader in TotalMix, it also moves when I have the two outs linked and I am set on Speaker A. The Speaker B volume moves nicely along with it - even when I use the Mac Keyboard or the volume knob on the Babyface - as it should.

However I haven't found a ways to

1. control the output volume of the optical out via either the Mac Keyboard or the Volume knob on the Babyface without opening up TotalMix FX and

2. how to switch between the two pairs of speakers without having to pull-up TotalMix FX and do it "manually".

Are there any hotkeys? Or any other ways to control this without having to pull TotalMix FX?