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I find that the Digiface is not reporting the correct latency to Ableton, it's quite a lot out, some 100ms

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Re: Latencey in Ableton 10.1

Could you deliver some useful information like:
OS, OS version, RME Driver version, sample rate, if Windows: ASIO buffersize, screenshot showing latency values.

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Re: Latencey in Ableton 10.1

OSX, NEWEST, NEWEST, 48, buffer reports 11ms, but when live compensates


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Digiface is reporting the correct (its own) latency to the OS. Whatever you have attached to the Digiface is unknown and not the DF's problem. And whatever plug-in you might have inserted into the Master section, causing such a high latency, is also not the DF's problem.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Latencey in Ableton 10.1

But plugins are compensated so their compensated latency is 0?

Then the only other latency is my converters via adat? What kind of numbers am I looking at there?

Two focusrite clarett Octo pre mk3
One babyface pro

And total mix latency too?

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Check again with an empty project, you must have some plugin adding latency on the master output. TMFX latency is 3 samples. ADI-8 DS mkIII is 12 samples each way. Should be something like 4 ms round trip all added up.

Jeff Petersen
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Re: Latencey in Ableton 10.1

Ok, will do

are you saying that the Master plugins do not delay compensate?

also what is the correct way to calculate exact latency one way? 1000/ (48000 / 3) for the totalmix?

So this chain
Ableton audio out > Totalmix > Digiface > RME Babyface Pro > Totalmix > to headphones.
Mic > Babyface > Totalmix > Digiface > Totalmix > Ableton

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Ok i tested again.

Master Plugin has no effect on recording compensated latency, that is compensated by Ableton.
One Rogue plugin (soothe) updated and fixed latency reporting

Those numbers were helpful but I'd like to work them all out accurately for each chain. Adding 4ms to the driver compensation has helped (for that round trip number you gave) - but what is the correct math? - it's hard to find numbers from focusrite. 

Also adding 4ms to each hardware insert in Live.

I think what was happening was that I was getting accumulative latency, so couple of hardware inserts - Send and receives + the convertors plus totalmix was adding up.

Re: Latencey in Ableton 10.1

Further testing reveals (using Reapers Reainsert ping function)

From Digiface via ADAT round trip latency >
Adi-8 DS Mk3; 24 samples
Both Focusrite Clarett Octopre; 47 Samples
Babyface Pro; 3 Samples