Topic: The Return of nasty Left Channel clicking

After latest driver/firmware version is nasty clicking back again. Every sampling frequency introduces sharp click in L output.

Very nasty by start of OS (W10), when SF oscilates between Preamp mode (192 kHz), some system preset (44 kHz, maybe introduced by UEFI?) and finally OS preset (mostly set to 48 kHz).

System: W10 1809 (Czech version), latest drivers, Skylake system around Asus MB (nothing special), onboard graphic.
ADI-2 PRO (CC mode Multichannel, simple config), Genelec monitors, XLR outputs

Software: Samplitude ProX 4 + classical AV suite (Foobar, Videolan etc.)


Michal Skopik
Straznice/Czech Republik


Re: The Return of nasty Left Channel clicking

That has been reported before and is confirmed already. We will work on that soon.

Matthias Carstens