Topic: USB ALSA failures

I have a new ADI-2 DAC connected to Volumio on Sparky, and optical from TV. I leave Volumio powered on 24x7.

When first plugging USB cable into Sparky, ADI-2 DAC is recognized normally and music will play incl. 192/24 and DSD.

However, when powering off the ADI-2 and then powering on, the USB connection is lost - nothing showing on State Overview.  When I play a song, Linux on the Sparky reports "failed to open ALSA device h/w 2,0 no such file or directory". If I do a soft re-boot of volumio, the error persists.  If I do a hard boot (power off on on), the ADI-2 is recognized again, and State Overview shows USB connected - music plays!

Another condition is that when I power on the TV, the SP o shows a lock at 48 sps, but no sound.  I try various buttons such as select Optical etc. to no avail.

Any assistance to track down solutions to these issues would be greatly appreciated.


Re: USB ALSA failures

Point 1 works on any other OS, nothing we could change. Point 2: go to the Status overview screen. I bet the incoming signal is not audio. Change your TV setting to send out PCM stereo instead of Dolby..

Matthias Carstens

Re: USB ALSA failures

It's true it is some encoded signal. The cable box allows to set the audio out to PCM but still not working. Not RME problem.

Consider resolved.