Topic: Adi dac 2 and speaker output

I am using adi dac 2 with usb input from my Mac mini. Very pleased works great with all my headphones.

I now want to connect my rme to my speakers. Can I go direct from output to back of my speakers eg xlr or phono to banana plugs in speakers?

As it is a desktop set up would sound level be okay or would I need to feed my rme into a small amp first.

Appreciate any help.

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Re: Adi dac 2 and speaker output

Do you mean active speakers? If yes, then you can easily connect them. If you mean passive speakers, it depends a bit on their sensitivity, but the headphone output would not really have the power to drive any speakers properly. For passive speakers you need a power amplifier. How powerful that amplifier would need to be depends on the speakers' sensitivity and the listening level that you require. I drive my inefficient Harbeth P3ESR desktop speakers with a refurbished 2x100 watt Quad 405-2 power amplifier, and they like the power. I am deeply convinced that for realistic sound power is very important - the more the better. The good news is that these days watts are cheap (unless you fall for audiophile nonsense).

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