Topic: Firewire expresscard adapter or usb???

Hello, I am in the process of buying an RME interface and I am trying to decide what would give me max performance, lowest latency and least CPU with my laptop set-up.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I currently have 4 usb slots ( 2 of them used for MIDI devices) and 1 is a usb 3.0.

I have no Firewire port, but I do have an Express card port.

So here's my questions ....Should I get a Fireface UC and use my open USB port?

Should I get a Fireface 400 , a firewire /express card adapter and use the Express card port?

I already looked at the HDspe / multiface ii and it's almost perfect... but I need  xlr inputs!

Re: Firewire expresscard adapter or usb???

The Fireface UCX is the low latency king bringing together USB or FireWire in one interface.

best regards