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Hi RME guys,

why is it not possible to have Digicheck run on an iPad? I think this would be a great feature for the next release or so. I think you could even take some minor payment for it. Would be great to have your DAW on you monitor and be able to see frequencies, levels etc on you iPad! Of course you could have 2 monitors, but it would be really neat to have it!

What do you think?



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Believe it or not - we had that idea already when the first iPad came out (what a surprise...). Unfortunately we are too busy to do

Matthias Carstens

Re: Digicheck on Ipad

Ohhh…. that's sad! Let me know if you need a project manager to manage this for you?

Bis dann!

Re: Digicheck on Ipad

It would be nice to have at least an OSC connection with Digicheck.

So I could use my android tablet as an remote for the recording function without having Digicheck
always open on top of the Nuendo screen.

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any news now?