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Today I thought, what about a tiny DigiCheck version like the one that appears when holding the mouse over the icon:

It might be handy when the screen is full, and the second screen too.. Or when you just want to take a fast look at it every now and then.
It doesn't give you the numbers but you can see the frequencies dancing very well there, can't you?

I bet it can be done by modifying some text file.


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It already works like that. All you need to do is have other windows covering DC. If you minimize DC it stops operation, which is fully intentional (to reduce CPU load etc).

Matthias Carstens

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Btw: this is beautifully implemented! This is the only very good example I know where this window-preview feature is useful.

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Yes, that is really excellent (like everything in Digicheck)!

Wouldn't it be also nice to resize the main window to a tiny size, to integrate it within a DAW, taking advantage of the 'always on top' ON !
For example:

A bonus would be: if you click on the window it expands/de-expands wink! KILLER!

Also I'd like is the Totalizer had an horizontal level meter, but that's too much haha..

Re: DigiCheck, Tiny version

Even better would be to have an analyzer display inside the TMFX EQ panel:


Maybe with an option to turn it on or off.